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The Witch Below by Wanderer001
The Witch Below

The little mermaid in the lair of the sea witch, from Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale.  I had fun doing this illustration, especially coming up with designs for the mermaid and the sea witch.  I'd like to do something with all the ideas that didn't make it into the final picture.

Since mermaids in stories are rarely seen by humans, I thought, “Maybe they’re deep-sea dwellers.”  That’s why the mermaid here is albino; dark environment, pale animals.  Due to time restrictions, I had to scrap my initial plans to make her bioluminescent, but I’ll try it out another time.
The tail is dolphin-based.  Since she has some human anatomy, a tail that works with the abs makes more sense than a side-to-side fish tail.  I included fishy elements in her upper half, though.  More accurately, I didn't include some mammalian elements like a belly button or nipples.  The breasts are just vestigial fat deposits on the pectoral muscle.
I had coral in mind when I designed the sea witch.  She looks more plant-like, although it still gives her the “part of the cave” look that I wanted.  It was fun to paint.

Done in Photoshop CS5.

Cinematic Alter Ego by Wanderer001
Cinematic Alter Ego
This is an illustration to go with the "Cinematic Alter Ego" design I created for :iconkibaluvschu:.  The design image can be found here.
In her lair, she plans her evil schemes--and probably watches a lot of Netflix--surrounded by flickering screens and some unidentified orange light source.  (What that light source is, we may never know.)

Painted in Photoshop.
Design-Cinematic Self by Wanderer001
Design-Cinematic Self
This is a "Cinematic Alter Ego" for :iconkibaluvschu:, who kindly let me use her as an example for one of my projects.  I came up with the design based on her character alignment of choice (villain) and the sci-fi genre.  Since she likes to sew, I made the weapon a giant pair of scissors, and her left glove has a thimble on the pointer finger. I decided that she would definitely have an mp3 player built into her costume.  To tie everything together, I used a bunny logo all over.  She's associated with bunnies within a certain circle of our friends. X3

Painted in Photoshop.
Dali's Cats (are out to get you) by Wanderer001
Dali's Cats (are out to get you)

I stumbled on Dali Atomicus by Phillipe Halsman, which features two of my favorite things: cats and Salvador Dali.  Then I read this article (…) about the making of the picture.

To summarize the article: Since there was no such thing as photo-editing computer software at the time, everything in the photo had to be added DURING THE SHOOT.  The assistant holding the chair could be cropped out of the picture.  Dali could jump into the air.  But imagine a group of assistants off to the sides, holding a bucket and three cats as they waited for Halsman’s signal.  Yes.  It’s exactly what you think.  After every shoot, the assistants had to clean up the water and retrieve the cats that had been flung across the room.  This was repeated twenty-eight times.

The result was a photo that baffled contemporaneous (pre-Photoshop) viewers.  Needless to say, a comic had to happen.

Luckily, this only had to be drawn once (before I scanned it into Photoshop to clean up).  I sketched the comic with pencil, printed the photo, and taped it in.

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Hi guys!  Hope you're enjoying the frequent updates.  I've got more stuff lined up for you, but until I get that posted, I'll share something more...motion based.  Yep, that's right. I'm an animation student, so it's about time I showed off some animation.  I've compiled the pencil tests I made between 2013 and 2014 for the world to see.  I should post it as a deviation, but, well...I haven't quite figured out the format.  I'll probably post it as a screenshot and link in the description.

In the meantime, check out the Youtube VIDEO!


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